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About U TakeMe
UTakeMe, chic purple snail app, full of entertainment and great community here. Possible to streaming, video call and chat with cuties for 24 hours.
[ Private VDO Call ]
Everywhere every time with pretty boys and girls. Go private and chat everything you want there.
[ Live streaming ]
Start streaming for talking to your fans or follower. Let’s make someone know you by streaming now.
[ Guest ]
Time to invite your friend or special one to do streaming together.
[ Boundless Chat ]
Chat with new friends or your favorite.
[ Profile and Video ]
Open your profile and video to be in public for sharing your unique lifestyle.
[ Send Gift ]
Precious gift which fit on your favorite ex, heart, flower, sport car, mercy angel and etc.
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We richten ons op het verlenen van service aan gebruikers, geen gegarandeerd financieel product. We houden ons aan de wetten van verschillende landen, En maken resoluut een einde aan illegale handelingen